My Virtual Romance

 When I was in Korea, I made a lot of moving dolls and created a fantasy world with my objects and materials from nature. 

Inside this frame we call 'life', we feel a vicarious satisfaction through substituting ourselves in the real world with imaginary characters in the virtual world. Although the many characters that exist in the fantasy world are of a different form than us visually, they do reflect us. Within these fantasies we can be brave warriors, beautiful gods, or royalty. I express these imaginary characters through dolls and paintings. Dolls symbolize the various make-up, the several types of customized characters. Like avatars, the dolls are effigies that represent our identities indirectly. Although the dolls from my earlier series were human in form; kinetic sculptures whose necks, waists, and faces rotated and moved with gestures, I represented the fabricated existence of the dolls as knit lines that appear through the molds, as well as their bizarre, exaggerated expressions. Rather than displaying the individual artworks in an empty, static exhibition, my main purpose was to express the world that I seek through my artworks, one that the audience enters into in order to experience its fantasies. I have exhibited my work at a wide range of venues, from white booths at exhibition halls, to restaurants, cafes, and even hotel guest rooms and their restrooms. The purpose of this exhibit is to give guests a sensation of suspended reality during their stay, of entering into an imaginary space, a fantasy world. It presents yet another challenge to the audience and to myself the artist, to encounter a new world. 

SONG in London.jpg