decided to challenge myself after being undecided because I couldn't throw away my life in South Korea. After graduating with a master's degree, I got my driver's license, cleaned up my space that contained a huge amount of works and objects, and began my journey to Calgary, Canada.

I got my home deposit back and took it out. I had no friends or family to help me overseas. I just recklessly left.


  Looking at the Rocky Mountains covered with white snow, I wanted to experience a bigger world. After seeing the Northern Lights in Canada's northernmost Yellowknife, I descended into the United States and began a road trip from San Francisco across Yosemite to National Highway 1. I then decided to cross the United States by land. When I was in LA, I stayed a day in a Boat Airbnb. Then all of a sudden I wanted to make the boat my own, so I bought a party napkin from a nearby mart and made flowers all night in the boat. In the morning I installed them, and even took out all the clothes in my luggage to decorate and also used palm leaves from the surrounding area. At that time I realized that I could be myself without the many objects that I left in Korea.

Starting with California, my artwork continued. Nevada-Arizona-Utah-New Mexico-Texas-Tennessee-Georgia-Florida. Then I went down to the southernmost Key West and went up to New York. I sometimes drove for more than 9 hours, rode a bus for more than 16 hours and trains for more than 30 hours, and experienced various lives. In it the world was my stage and inspirational universe. The Grand Canyon, with its 6 million years of history, was a great way to experience nature. And as I looked at the tall buildings of New York City, which pierced the sky, I felt the greatness of civilization, and I thought that reality was more fantasy than fantasy, even if I did not try to express it. Then I came to London. London's colors and passion made me burn again. London, inspired by diverse cultures and artists, inspired me and began my work on the stage. After 2 exhibitions in London, I decided to live in London. So I went back to Korea and returned with a Global Talent visa. 

  I want to learn more of the world. I can constantly learn, be inspired, and make my own.  I’m here to experience more perspectives in all forms (environmental, social and cultural) and carry on with more art works. What I desire now is more encounters with the world and more activities. I will continue my new work in a new environment, and it will be me wearing it.


 My work is to express the world that I seek through my artworks, one that the audience enters into in order to experience its fantasies.  

  I inspired by the nature. And paper flowers and paper lanterns, which were used as the main materials for the work, are often used at celebrations. I have installed them during my travels and have been a part of and celebrating the history of nature.
Every time I had an exhibition in Korea, I had to handle a lot of objects. Until I left Korea, I thought I wouldn't be able to work without them. But I started working again with napkins and paper. Now it is possible to work anywhere with minimal materials. Wherever I go, it is my gallery and exhibition space. The works have developed into a form that can be folded and compressed for installation while traveling. I carry them in a few carriers or large plastic bags.

 Various nature and places, and the exhibition hall itself, are a part of my journey, and the audience participates in the history. It contains the author's intention to give people the courage to live their own life through the journey of my life.

  My work, which has been continuously developed, is now made of painted paper expressed in the form of leaf veins of flowers or the universe. When all of them are put together, they sometimes look like land plants, like creatures under the sea, or look like aliens. 

  My work is my whole life in a universe where the history of the moment is combined. Through my work, the audience can celebrate and empathize with the history of that moment.

My work contains not only my life, but also the universe and harmony. Rather than just containing a concept, it has a great visual effect that can be easily felt just like when we watch the beautiful nature. Sometimes I think it's necessary to give people an experience as a feeling rather than exhausting them with questions about what this is. Through my work, people can share sympathy with the artist in synesthesia, including sight, without much explanation.  I have a philosophy that I want to approach art with a pure mind like a child. When I do this, I feel like I'm back in my pure childhood. In fact, if people look at this work, they can feel the weight of the whole work, but if people look closely, it contains the feeling of being made like a child's craft. People will watch my work for quite some time, not for a while.

  People face many external problems and are easy to forget their inner self. I am sure that they will be able to feel the pure heart and the passion from deepinside at the same time when they are being with my work and that comes. People need that time.